About Penmob

What's this all about?

Penmob started from a desire for a more open and collaborative writing experience. There are plenty of platforms to publish finished work, but getting to that point always felt like a black-box process. Either you're an established writer with publishers knocking down your door, or you're everybody else.

So I wanted to open it up — make the feedback process less like a job hunt for the right freelance editor, and more like a writing workshop.

This introduced an interesting benefit for editors, too. If you're an editor, you can piggyback off of an ongoing discussion with a lower barrier of entry. Since one editor isn't responsible for the entire start-to-finish process, you are free to focus on your strengths.

Who is behind Penmob?

I'm Alex, a freelance software engineer and wannabe writer. I built Penmob to function as much like a workshop as possible (where a writer posts their work-in-progress draft, and a roomful of editors offer in-depth feedback).

I am also collaborating with a close group of authors and professional editors to make sure Penmob works as well as it can, and pushes the craft of writing back into the hands of individuals and communities. You'll be hearing a lot more from them after Penmob launches.

Are you a writer or freelance editor? Want to get on the list of beta users and be the first to know when Penmob launches? Of course you do.