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Penmob is an online workshop for writers and developmental editors.

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  • Your writing starts a conversation

    A writer wants a second (or third) pair of eyes on her short story draft. So she posts it to Penmob, along with a monetary budget. The editors engage in a large-group discussion over her work.

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  • Diversity of opinions

    All editors on Penmob are manually verified, and more than one editor will read through a draft. That means a grammarian can stick to striking unnecessary commas while someone else pitches in on character development. One person doesn't have to do it all. Editors get scored and paid based on how substantive their edits are.
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  • Great rates

    Writers set a budget based on how much work their draft needs. They can increase the budget amount any time. Editors then split the budget based on who contributes the most. On private drafts, editors set their own minimum price-per-word.
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  • Editors: Spend less time marketing, more time…editing.

    You became an editor to make a dent in the universe, one split infinitive at a time. So, pick up that (virtual) red ink pen and put down that marketing handbook. Penmob brings prospective clients to you with a feed of drafts awaiting for your feedback, so you can pick the drafts that best fit your own strengths and style. Since it's a group workshop, you are not locked in to any long-term commitments.

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